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Latest news bits from Vancouver Island
by Zoe Blunt

Farmland Gold Rush? Over half of Monday's Langford Council meeting was devoted to applications to remove farm land from the Agricultural Land Reserve. Owners want to build a whole bunch of new condos on several large sections of farmland and wetlands on Happy Valley Road, but (once again) there may be problems with the city not following the proper public procedures.
Some letters went missing, while Langford's chief planner, Matthew Baldwin told other letter-writers that Langford would not accept their comments.
Nevertheless, half a dozen people spoke up and about seventy more sent feedback to the Agricultural Advisory Committee in support of local farms and food security. It remains to be seen if the city will recommend removing the land from the Reserve so it can be developed.
Read the latest on ALR at Inside Langford:


Skirt Mountain Development On Hold (but maybe not for long)

The development for South Skirt Mountain passed third reading at two contentious public hearings, but Langford Council has not yet given final approval. They may do so at the council meeting on May 4 or the one after that on May 18. Vancouver Island Community Forest Action Network is prepared to challenge the development bylaw once it is adopted. Thanks to everyone who's contributed to our legal challenge, and to West Coast Environmental Law for their support! Check out our cool PayPal link and help us cover our upcoming expenses!

Bear Mtn Torch Relay Still Unconfirmed

Last week, WTF Langford? reported on rumours that the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay would be visiting the evil Bear Mountain Resort on Halloween. So far, no one will confirm or deny those rumours. Bringing the Torch to Vancouver Island's "most racist developer" would be a slap to First Nations, observers say. Meanwhile, threats to sue the blog's authors have not yet materialized.

This week's WTF Poll asks "What should Stew do?"

Help Langford Mayor Stew Young juggle his municipal duties and his campaign for BC Liberal candidate Jody Twa, who is trying to unseat John Horgan and win the provincial election May 12.  Vote on the poll and view the results of our past surveys: "How corrupt is Langford City Council?" and "How much of your tax money should Langford developers get?" The results may surprise you.

Wild Earth 2009, July 1-7, Vancouver Island

Forest action training, networking for environmentalists, workshops, games, presentations, and much more. It's the 11th annual Wild Earth rendezvous! Location to be announced - a low-impact forest camp on southern Vancouver Island. Sliding scale donation includes camping, meals, snacks, coffee, tea, drinking water, workshops, and events. Volunteers and presenters free. RSVP online -

Happy Earth Day!!  

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