A Letter to the News

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unfortunately bruce williams, who also appears a friendly and likeable enough guy, was also celebrating the 'beautiful day.'
yes, it was warm and sunny and that's always a treat for us west coasters, especially in october.  but can you please tone down your enthusiasm a bit, and/or put it into some context of reality?  today was the hottest october 23rd on record, i heard somewhere on one of the evening newses explain.  don't you ever wonder how the earth might react to such a day?  yeah, it's fun for us humans, but what if you're a tree, shedding its leaves preparing for winter, or a squirrel, stocking up and hunkering down?  do you think these abnormal weather patterns might have some impact on the way the earth reacts?
do you think the way the earth reacts might
have some impact on our little human lives?
wildfires in california are only a tiny part of the suffering that many on this planet are enduring as a result of unusual weather patterns.  i'm not saying we shouldn't enjoy a warm sunny day where we live, just that we might be sensitive to what the heat has done to california, and perhaps consider holding some concern that a summer day in october might have some impact on agricultural systems, or ultimately manifest itself in some way that isn't about simple enjoyment.  if those bulbs i just planted start sprouting, i won't be celebrating, no matter how pretty they are.  if my food security is impacted as a result of unusual and abnormal weather patterns, and you high paid media people have failed to educate people about the possible causes and effects of these 'beautiful days,' won't you feel an iota of personal responsibility?

sure, i enjoyed the day too.  i was cycling along the goose, looking at the sunshine sparking on the gorge inlet .... but part of me, something in my dna which has evolved over all these millenia, was saying 'this isn't right.'

isn't there some other angle you can take, rather than incessantly celebrating sunshine and denouncing rain?  this island was once covered with temperate rainforest, much of which has been paved over, or is in the process of being demolished and 'developed.'  rain is beautiful, life affirming, and there are people on this planet who would give their eye teeth for a bit of it now and then.

i realize that you have corporate sponsors that promote a lifestyle of 'business as usual,' but the reality is things are going to have to change if we are to survive as a species on this planet.  al gore just won a nobel prize about it.  as stephen colbert says, the free market has spoken - global warming is real because people paid lots of money to see 'an inconvenient truth.'
i learned from a science professor, 20 years ago, about the changing weather and its impact on ecosystems and the inevitablity of extinction if it continues.  over the years i've evolved lifestyle changes that have resulted in a contented and simple earth friendly existence.  surely you people are smart enough to use diplomacy and subtly send the messages that will educate the masses so they can join the paradigm shift towards true sustainability, without pissing off your sponsors.  unless ... you're still living in denial too.

which is fine!  live there if you want.  but please don't pretend
you're making the weather.  and, when the final curtain is drawn, remember that some of us tried to warn them, and you.

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