Isn't it time to throw Bush under the bus?

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by Frank Pitz

A miserable failure in everything he has ever done, George W. Bush is proving once again that everything he touches turns to crap.

Mired in the lowest approval ratings of his stolen presidency, George W. Bush is looking more and more like a ‘dead duck,’ rather than just a “lame duck.” Reminds one of the old Chubby Checker, Limbo Rock lyric; “how low can you go?” Come on George, stand firm; “don’t move that limbo bar, you’ll be a limbo star, how low can you go?”

If Bush were a Fortune 500 CEO - rather than a Fortune 500 bought and paid for prostitute – now would be the time to jettison him from the penthouse office suite with an exorbitant “golden parachute.” This, of course, wouldn’t be anything new for the Bush wunderkind, after all, he has failed miserably at everything he ever attempted and fucked up a lot of other people’s money while majoring in being a failure. Kind of just like the last six years, Bush as a walking fiasco, screwing up other people’s – in this case the taxpayers – money.

Most President’s like to sing the praises of their “formative years,” Bush however has shrouded his seminal years – up to the age of 40 – under a veil of secrecy, out of bounds for reporters and the general public. Many researchers though have investigated Bush’s business failures and it isn’t pretty, but then, some folks just have the knack for falling into a pile of shit and coming up smelling like a rose – that’s our Georgie boy.

All of George W. Bush’s’ businesses have failed (just like his presidency), but he still made millions. A very good book by Kevin Phillips, American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush explains just how George W. Bush came up, time after time, smelling like a rose after continually falling in shit. Daddy and friends in high places have stood Bush in good stead throughout his miserable business career. Bush was both Chairman and CEO of Arbusto Energy and Spectrum 7 and both ventures failed, however Bush netted millions because losing oil investments were lucrative tax shelters. Harken Energy acquired Bush’s Spectrum 7 shares and he received Harken shares, a directorship and a consulting arrangement. Initially he was installed with management responsibilities but was soon relieved of those duties because once again, as a manager he was a catastrophe. But thanks to daddy, Saudi money as well as CIA money and a whole lot of other shadow dealings Bush landed on his feet, once again.

So, this then is the man who sits in the Oval Office, in effect the Chairman and CEO of Amerika. This alcoholic, drug addled ne’er do well with a reverse Midas touch in which everything he lays a hand on turns to crap. Certainly, the plutocrats who prop Bush up and pull his strings delight in the fact that he is so damnably inept; it allows the foxes of avarice-unfettered access to the chicken house. The beauty in all of that for those plutocrats - is that Georgie boy takes the fall. Sort of like that old commercial; “Mikey will eat it,” in this case it becomes, Georgie will eat it. Of course, Georgie is always handsomely rewarded for his lap-dog faithfulness.

So then, we have this spoiled rich brat, never “turned a lick” in his life (unless you count boot-licking), and he is the Prez. Now it took six god-awful long years for the vast majority of Amerikans to peep Georgie’s whole card, as it were. Six long years of a tumultuous, downward spiral of death, destruction and bankruptcy. Those out there who knew Bush, preached about this idiot for years, but it was like spitting into the wind for as far as it got us. Now, the rest of Amerika realizes that they have one dumb, fucking, frat boy at the throttle of this runaway train of state and all the Democrat promises in the Universe ain’t going to amount to a hill of beans towards stopping this train wreck waiting to happen.

There is though, one damnable itch that I can’t scratch, one point that I cannot even begin to fathom; 28 percent of the Amerikan public “approve” of what Bush is doing. A bit over one-quarter of the folks out there – somewhere – think this guy is doing a bang-up job. (A recent BBC Poll conducted in 25 nations – including the United States – has three of four respondents surveyed “disapproving” of how Bush “had dealt with Iraq.” This guy is a veritable pariah on the global stage, and still he continues plodding along.) But, back to that itch, one just has to wonder who the hell makes up this 28 percent – some 84 million Americans – who love Bush? What is that demographic? Where is it? I mean like, do they live in caves somewhere? I’ve seen some news clips on CNN and FAUX Noise that featured people (never more than three or four) who purportedly support Bush and his plans, but I don’t get to see any real people in opposition. So, if 84 million people supposedly support Bush (according to the polls) and his plans/policies; that means that 216 million people oppose those plans/policies, you’d think the fawning media might be able to go and round up a few for their newscasts. *

*(A bit of a note here, I realize that all of a sudden it is now fashionable among the political cognoscenti to be in opposition to Bush policies and plans. But, for this writer it smacks of false piety. Where the hell were you pre-3,065 United States military deaths ago? Where were you before 700,000 Iraqis were murdered? The faux protestations emanating from the cesspool known as “Foggy Bottom” put me in mind of a cartoon that used to adorn my office wall. It showed a rat caught in a trap with his bottom up in the air; lined up behind him as far as the eye could see were his fellow rats, all awaiting their turn. The caption: “When you’re down and out, everybody wants a piece of your ass.”)

George W. Bush has once again stumbled, bumbled and risen to the level of his own mediocrity. The difference now is that it is not the small stage of Midland, Texas, it is the big time and he screwed up again. This time, all of daddy’s horses, and all of Prince Bandahar’s men – and money – can’t put Georgie back together again. Isn’t it time to throw this fool under the bus?

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