Madam Speaker

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by Paul Balles

"It’s an historic moment for the women of America. It is a moment for which we have waited for over 200 years."
- NANCY PELOSI, on becoming speaker of the House.

Two hundred years ago, you were busy raising children, teaching them things they don't learn today. You were also looking after your husbands — those men who made America great. Because you looked after them well, we had leaders that make today's politicos look like cretins.

I'm not belittling your achievement, Nancy Pelosi, but statements like the one you made elicit cheers that ignore the price paid for your emancipation.

Perhaps you won't need your men's support the way men relied on yours. Perhaps you'll only need those kisses on the cheek that men have waited for 200 years to give as you enter the halls of Congress.

If you do nothing else, Nancy Pelosi, now is the time to allow impeachment proceedings to begin against President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Both are equally guilty of the high crimes and misdemeanors for which American tyrants become impeachable under the Constitution.

Of course, you know the outcome, Congresswoman and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. You would automatically become our next president. That presents a dilemma. As Speaker of the House, you cannot be seen as encouraging proceedings that might succeed in making you president. You also cannot simply ignore the impeachable offenses of the current administration.

If what you've really waited for 200 years to achieve is a chance to prove greatness in women which is as deserving of celebration as the great male leaders of two centuries ago, you now have the opportunity to prove that the long struggle was worth it.

Don't wait until 2008, however, leaving it up to Hillary Clinton to assume the role that women have waited for 200 years to play. If you do, you'll be an enormous disappointment to both men and women. Between now and 2008, the current White House can get up to more mischief than the world can bear.

How much can you do as Speaker of the House to stop Bush and Cheney from adding to their mass murders of Iraqis and sacrificing young Americans for a lie? Both Bush and Cheney will continue to alienate the rest of the world with their arrogance. Can we afford to embitter more of the international community?

Bush and Cheney will certainly carry their arrogant warmongering powers into Iran, or provide the means and support for Israel to do it, with further violations of the Constitution. However Iran simply isn't going to stand for it. What will you do about Iran’s resistance? Will you sanction a repeat of Hiroshima over Tehran?

There are several things you can do as Speaker of the House while impeachment proceedings are underway:

  • In addition to requiring accountability as you promised concerning Iraq, you must insist on the same accountability regarding Iran.
  • Demand undeniable proof that Iran’s nuclear development is more than energy related. Don’t let the White House get away with the hat trick they pulled with Iraq when they insisted Iraq prove they didn’t have WMD’s.
  • Require the administration to explain why the US previously encouraged Iran to develop nuclear energy in order to preserve oil resources.
  • Make it clear to the Congress that action against Iran intended to protect Israel will ultimately result in public retaliation against the Jewish community in America and more resistance to and hatred of America in the international community.
On her way out of Congress on December 27, 2006, Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney entered 12 grounds for impeachment in 3 different categories into the Congressional Record: six failures to ensure the laws are faithfully executed, two abuses of office, and four failures to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

Complete coverage of Ms. McKinney's charges has been published by David Swanson in the Atlantic Free Press and can be viewed here.

If you can accomplish what really needs to be done in the only course of events that will save us from further devastation, both men and women will cheer and toast the woman for whom we have waited for 200 years.

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