The Republic’s Barn is full of Broken Pottery.

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by Art James

The geese heard the barbarians scaling the gate-wall while the guard-dogs slept.
…it offended his conscience to make a little money by sending to the slaughter-house an ox which had long been in his service.

-Plutarch, Life of Cato.

(This is a reluctant continuation from my last Studebaker classified post. An anonymous phone caller requested my address)*

To be the recipient of an insult is disgraceful; to return one is honorable. The contempt, cruelties, and prevarication of our day—rival any argument I know. There are many reproachable traits we observe in wartime which is abominable. Once, for instance, in our more innocent daily land-lover affairs, we may have been kicked black, red, and blue by a beast mule. That kind of assault is accepted without feeling serious insult.   If we consider the source of the brunt-kick; healing will come with time. Avenging insult of certain kinds, it’s wise to ignore.  When human-tyrants use base and beastly powers to butcher, destroy cities where innocent citizens dwell, and defile written words, such as: democracy, freedom, and justice…to horde capital, it’s best to Address it.

Post Office Box 101
Clear Spring, Maryland. 21722 USA

The Middle East entanglement is deceitful. Daily pundits discourse about what the come to the rescue Iraq-War-Study-Group can say…the NSA’s Hadley memo, whetherleaked intentionally, or, sourced from some priggish, subordinate, pick-pocket for oil-member—the leak serves to condemn. The CIA pick Mr. Gates said the Iraq war is not being won.

Daily Kos’s blog had an open-letter to Sandra Day O’Conner. Atlantic Free Press has permission to post a letter I wrote after hearing of her plans for retirement. We do get irritated.

Civic Honor consists when citizens pledge to disrespect those who have not esteemed their pledge to serve every person. It is a tragic farce, for instance, to condone the vast offences of certain professionals. The Baker/Hamilton plan to salvage their financial interest in the Middle East may assure a maximum damnation to be visited upon the earth if more blood-letting is endorsed.   

Summum malum is a Greek term for the feelings of just indignation. Honorable people are called upon to express disgust toward the base and ultimate baseness of the mind. Plutarch also felt that it was commendable to show good faith in people who genuinely wished to preserve the republic. By signifying ostracism in Athens, a name was written on a potsherd list. Whether Greek or Roman, it once was clear if people had been ‘fed-the-lie,’ human folly and strife could know no bounds. A worst danger to citizens,’ more dreadful than death, in the philosophical mind of that day, was to beg pardon and petition the government for their life’s protection if they felt threatened.

This global economy we are forced to endure is not sustainable for the masses and should impress upon the world a “hair stand on head” reality. A perversity happening in our midst is a direct consequence of shivering tycoons, pundit “journalist,” and forefront in our minds is we ought to let the false scribes know they can’t conceal their affinity with corrupt “leaders.” An ‘elder’ with an overwhelming preference to be in pursuit of fame or riches, one may say, is to be like a drunk: ‘the more wine you drink, the thirstier you become.’ To act timorous in the presence of the adversaries of truth is to act phony.  Shenanigans such as that is the precise reverse of the natural order. Those who threaten to curb violence with use of weaponry, and appeal to disgraceful traits that reveal weak character, are reproachable.  Media can be accomplices to further complicate matters if they assassinate critics’ reputations.  Some thinks never change in our world view of constant impermanence.

 The war merchant Baker Commission study-group is notorious, positioned, destitute, and void of morals found in most fellow-workmen/ladies. The fortunes which people accrue, if held onto, reveal patterns to most of us that we can anticipated exploitation from the rich to continue. The encroachment upon the poor will not cease. A belief that it’s suitable to prey upon people for monetary gain, nowadays, is not different than the days preceding Rome’s collapse. We have no recourse but to reject a continued blood-course.  The merchants of death always ripen conditions to erupt more civil unrest. For us, because they will not apologize; we breach faith in them, hold accountable, and remind ourselves of the past deception which are woven into the fabric of our life---it is right, to step toward thieves with contemptuous reproaches.  We know human destroyers of the earth are unredeemable. The guardian tribal-chief-elder of former commonwealths, realized, plow-mules and profitable wool-sheep were not to be allowed to overgraze. Livestock was not allowed to go anywhere without hindrance if they left the Parthenon of Athens citadel.  Starvation could set in upon villagers.  A world needs perpetual saving.

Honorable people need exceptional skills.  And, besides, nature forbids the manmade-spider- webs! Is there anyone in the whole-wide-worker-world who can repair a natural spider web without feeling silly, incapable, and awkward?  Those verbiage words politicians throw to the populace to promote an unsustainable global economy are net-webs to strangle us into tangles, twist, and knots.  The silly notions they have about liberty, freedom, and justice for all are just dirt-tricks. We are justified to be full of derogation in life’s duel contest with human mule-arses who’d kick the world’s groin. Yelp.

Just as a workman was hired to square up stone walls in feudal medieval fiefdoms; a fit and connected tie to the base foundation’s cornerstone had to be plumb, and joined. An affordable homestead required community cohesiveness to engage in commerce. I am hopeful; no “ignorant” thought will continue to proceed forth from this White House forever.

Any study-groups that remains in alignment with the gospel wealth for a select chosen few—or participates in the name-it-and-claim-it-theology, eventually fails. Who is not a bewildered wonderer  watching this prosperous group run loose and say they wish to stop violence, but, persist in the promotion of more killing daily? Senator James Webb mentioned at a visit to the White House, ‘I [Webb] was tempted to ‘smash’ the president (paraphrase) after insensitive war comment was made in relation to son [Webb’s] son coming home from Iraq.’ The commander-in-chief “W” has a paternal father who we just witnessed shed tears in public. A mustering of an angry-mob of fellow-citizens can extricate his son from the bully global playground. A multitude is waiting for a punch.  A broken nose-bone can be realigned in time.

It was ‘as it is: stunningly clear to my memory from my first “Green Truck” phone ring! These are dangerous days. In my citation, relating my last AFP correspondence, commas were in the wrong places. George W Bush passes through space and time and thinks deaths in the Middle East conflict will be looked upon by generations as “commas.” I beg to pardon, historians will record “The insatiable desire for more is the roadway on: The wheel of death.” The annoying tone, whoever, droned, “You forgot to include an address. Honk.

The overwhelming incompleteness’ we reveal about ourselves is embarrassing. Again: the truck is beautiful, no dents, no rust, and as W.S. was fond of saying, once, if not a thousand times, in various matters, “Above all else, to thy own self be true.”

If the Middle East war-study group’s final report plans to compensate those who never harmonize with you and not serve a republic’s interest, so be it, it’s just another contexture of woven manmade web, sown, and aligned with dynasties of the fallen past; and leaving soldiers in the Middle East (with no remorse or apologies) guarantees more breakage plans. The reputation is universally known they break everything they touch with a felicity of an unclaimed greed. The enterprises they have served during their entire career has been to ignore warning/maxims passed to us from the old Greek & Roman era…they mastermind schemes to get richer,,,,,…with little stretch of the imagination; we return to intoxicated power states, dulled-minds, inured-in-crime, sanctimonies, blood-drinkers, preservers of notions, forgetting that communing with a female “theft-god” from the past can turn to show fierceness. Lethe was a wrathful term for the sweeping River flowing from Hades through the land of forgetfulness.

Sandra Day O’Conner (editor has permission to post an old –open- letter) wants the best for her grandchildren too. I request her to speak with gentle insight that stuns the world. An era of generosity must come, and no feeble geriatric team of “elders” should rein. The open-letter to our former Supreme Court Justice comes alive to my memory because no law-person would touch bank fraud, predator lending, or address white collar professional crimes. It is a play within an ugly theatrical performance, I’d say, sharing it with readers for my/your wisdom, insight, and concern for the nation.

I’ve read some of retired Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Conner’s, writing about the majesty of law. I hated how she voted to discredit Al Gore. I looked for understanding. I have enjoyed Sandra Day O’Conner on occasion and realize she’s aware of her critics. Can anyone lead anyone back into “a garden of eden?” No. The “paradisiacal” rein of this bridal party is to plan to steal real estate in the dessert oil lands. Yes.

If we keep permission of the breaking of every natural law, then, who will stomp this runaway train of poison-adders to bring them to a screeching halt? We will be sadder if we witness increased indiscretion. We must not condone a continuation of what is so clear, so violent, oh, so very very clear, you’d think, that all could see it. It’s a decrepit and aged war plan that’s poisonous. O, alas.

 [Himarmene] is an interesting word with roots in health matters. It’s suitable to use in civil case where every male can be fixed in a manner suitable to his destiny. There is nothing that could make us gladder than to enter a fixed connection with [harmonia]. Fitness.

AFP, If you condone overt expressive of righteous indignation in future classifiers of mine, it kills the joy of even me reading them.  The pet peeve likely from me in the future: no military draft, no assaulting e-mails, no mandatory helmet laws for mopeds, no bank fraud, no more e-bash hard luck stories, no salty healing tears on keyboards. Apart from all that, no more phone insults!

The “For Sale” Studebaker “Green Truck” combustion age could rival what killed the prehistoric dinosaurs.  The conglomerate-giants are vicious raiders in our modern times. We deserve an era when floating flotation vessels are equipped for Lethe Floods. So, if rain trickles or pours down, an economic tide wave will lift all humanity. Only then, will we remain confident the next generation will not become swept in a murky-wine-colored-sea. The magnificent cosmological laws do guide to protect and disallow individual citizenship shipwrecks.  

My Leaked memo.

Whoever finds love
beneath hurt and grief
disappears into emptiness
with thousands of new disguises
and it makes absolutely no difference
 what people may dare think of you and me?
… (I plagiarized a blend from a couple of Persian poems).

PS. e-mail has been down. It’s silly to feel nostalgic, insulted, and a truck can’t feel?

When I receive a post-office letter from a friend, there is a tangibility appeal factor felt with its sensory overload. Qualities of excitement sometimes exist. An electronic e-mail may be cheap. A sending a postage-stomped-letter composed with a style and frame of mind communing about a fifty-eight year old Studebaker with a return address, sidetracking the NSA, can happen. It’s rare with e-mail. I like a private, legible, and beautiful hand-scribbled “Hi you!” My goodness pure thought follows tearing gently open an envelope, unfolding the letter, and I say, “The written word found inside can’t be outdone.  

The internet is no place to divulge our intimate desire.  If we want to attempt a try courting with an e-mail, e-mail still can’t be sealed with a kiss in the manner of a letter.

When I receive a red, orange, or green crayon correspondence from my granddaughter, an expression of an undeniable connection is immediately found. Some expressions just can’t be conveyed with a plug-in. I also think money spent on computers could buy a team of mules.

The electronic age is not yet outmoded and the day of the hand written word is not totally demised, and in spite, even if electronic trail emits no fragrance that folded love letters can deliver, I resolve to use both forms of communication. But at any rate, we may not pass via this place again for a long long time. We must stay in touch. And do good work.

The Studebaker article was meant for real. My frame of mind is that the financier Baker/Hamilton team, studying their peers’ conglomerate interest overseas in the Middle East, has the power to weave nets of unlimited destruction. We are always going to have modern monarchs and witness peoples’ feeble thought and partial fallibility.  The world does not deserve to fall into a thrashing web of chaos, unrest, and future anarchies.
I have heard it said, we are “inter-are-woven-together.” I agree. I call to memory a gnarled-hands hunched-backed migrant. His weathered face and body arched downward toward the earth. One day the slumped migrant stopped, twirled his head upward…‘moaning’…said …“dead spiders”…. “People do not see!” He pointed on the walkway and mentioned, look, people just stomp on them!”

We are fortunate to have been spun into existence in such exciting time by a unity or disunity…harmony/discord…and there is order too. A word such as “providence” is packed with personal meaning. It’s the future, secular or spiritual, escorting, living, whether existing daily in mans’ made-hells or a relative facsimile of something closer to paradise, by god, we ought to remain to try and feel alive.   

Address “Green Truck” Studebaker, buyer beware, to the local Post Office*.  I refrain from giving directions to The Eli Yoder certified ox, mule, and horse workshop until thieves retire to pasture or plant a garden. “Whoever plants a flower, tends a vegetable garden, and notices bubbles rise to fall (so mount or train a team of workhorses) …I’d agree is important these days, “more than all.”…J.G.W. I can’t resist mentioning to the Occupant of the White House to look out the Window at the full moon setting in the western horizon.




Supreme Court of the United States

Washington, DC. 20543                                                                                       

                                                                                       April 10, 2006                                                                                      

                                                                                       P.O. Box 101

                                                                                       Clear Spring, Md. 21722


Dear Sandra Day O’Conner,


My experiences prior to and post 9/11/01 taught me that “due process” and the right to petition the government to redress grievances…is not a reality. I have concluded many Justice Department Officials protect and advance their fellow White Collar Criminal peers.   


I have even quit pretending that “legal remedies” are to be anticipated during this present Administration. People who practice deception, conceal fraud, and commit crimes should not be condoned.  Unfortunately, they are. 


Wisdom needs expression. Leadership needs to present itself. The framers of our Constitution and Bill of Rights deliberated cautiously.  They encouraged citizens to help resolve problems that surface…Oftentimes; today constructive criticism is met with punishment. Respectful discussion of diverse viewpoints is the only method that does check and balance certain official’s misbehavior. How can we hope to salvage some semblance of a Republic?  Let’s not be merely critical, but self critical, working upon our personal integrity/stature.  Let’s be rational, honest, and abhor what is now happening to our nation.


Several years ago I could not find a lawyer when I was advocating for justice in behalf of my American/Vietnamese friend.  Then, I was pleased to discover the Number 1 edition of the 1998, spring, Washington University Law Quarterly ‘speech’ titled, Professionalism. I gave Professionalism, with related ‘enclosed briefs’ to:  


- Former Attorney General John Ashcroft. 

-The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s State Attorney Mike Fisher. 

-The US Department of Justice’s Immigration and Naturalization Service’s FBI agent,

(See July 23, 2001 letter, upon which, I copied an anonymous email- threat…QUIT).   

-I handed PA’s Franklin County District Attorney, John F. Nelson, (my adversarial

District Attorney who prosecuted me for Defiant (Arrest in a Bank) Trespass) urging him to investigate corrupt attorneys, a Law Firms, a magistrate, and Real Estate Bankers.    

-Former Department of Homeland Security, Secretary Tom Ridge, received a hand-deliver copy/packet on May 31, 2004. I approached Mr. Ridge after he delivered a speech at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. I requested Mr. Bush also be given the contents.

As early as June 4th 2002, I received an anonymous email message…QUIT…followed by numerous threatening telephone calls. The overextended FBI agent who interviewed Kim Doan stressed to me his employer was the Attorney General.   I was on crutches the day of the immigration interview because a rotten fibula was extracted from a recurrent Vietnam War wound.


In hindsight, I understand more clearly now.  Nevertheless, what is aggravating, unprofessional, illegal and unwarranted should be addressed.


Ordinary citizens are dutifully obligated to do what they can, in quite different capacities, to address government officials in order to protect civil liberties and freedoms.  


“Leadership passes into empire; empire begets insolence; insolence brings ruin.” William Carlos Williams, Patterson 1 


Personal Summarizing:


I know that your role is not to advice in legal matters.  We lead our self through peculiar times of dismay. Individually, we can expect, rightly, the government ought to provide reasonable protections.  Today, respectable people have to reckon with how to best work to protect each other, our commonwealths, private properties, and our personal reputations. My Goodness…After all, we are the American People…yearning to hear coherent thought from stable statespersons.


The Administration states we are “at war.” In 1969 when I was youthful, I lacked discretion when I was drafted.   It is difficult to state what I learned in the jungles of Southeast Asia.  Let’s ask why we are not reasoning honestly to avert the unnecessary killings of civilians in the Middle East.  Iraq is a spectacle of a “collateral” bloodbath, perpetuated by corporate interest.


I agree with your post-retirement comment about domestic surveillance.  “A state of war is not a blank check for the president when it comes to the rights of the nation’s citizens.”


As the case was during the Vietnam War, unwarranted eavesdropping of stateside war critics is happening again. The written Constitution is useful only if it is not suspended.    


After all is said and done; we still must believe in what is inspirational and good. I look forward toward reading your written reflection or memoirs as our Supreme Court Judge. ‘Good luck’ in your retirement.





Arthur James

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