Barking for War in Canada

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Similarly, there is no great expession of public outrage here at the governing Conservatives' support of sanctions against the victims of Israel's massive military aggression, a largely defenseless people, committing the country to starving the survivors of food, and medicines, and aid monies. Nothing much either when, over the Summer, this same Israel destroyed Lebanon, killing at least a thousand people, Canadian citizens among them. 

As though a great numbing of consciousness has afflicted the nation, Canada today seems unable to formulate an ethical baseline. As our neighbours normalize wars of aggression, and codify torture, we wave off our [sic] troops with red and white flags to enjoin the fray "over there," that we may not have to face the Taliban in Gander, or Victoria, or Moose Jaw. 

Lost at sea...

Into that moral morass slithered a snake. With practiced speech, this nether child whispers words we wish to hear: The serpent reminds of a greatness never ours, but to be reclaimed, if only we follow a few necessary deviations of conscience.

This week past saw another death in a far-away place, another calculated destruction of life for political purposes. As his fellow countryman was more than a year ago, Lebanese politician Pierre Gemayel was murdered in his car as he drove through the streets he knew well. 

As with his assassinated compatriot, Rafik Hariri, Gemayel was attempting to rebuild Lebanon following its destruction at the hands of the Israelis. As with Rafik, Pierre's murder would be hijacked for political purposes by all sides. And likewise, the culprits in both men's deaths will never be proven to the satisfaction of both sides.

It is a volatile moment in a country pushed near the brink of revisiting a civil war that reduced Lebanon, and its shining capital Beirut, the "Paris of the Middle East" to rubble barely a generation ago. While all responsible parties are calling for calm, there are those outside Lebanon doing the opposite.

In the guise of championing democracy, good governance, and the furtherance of peace and a better life for all the peoples of the world, the so-called Canadian Coalition for Democracies demands the Canadian government leap into the breach, as Mr. Harper did in the aftermath of the Hamas elections, and attack not the perpetrators of so much vile and despicable violence in Lebanon and Palestine this year past, but instead again assail the victim. Before any evidence as to the identity, or motives of Gemayel's assassins has come to light, the CCD, those that profess; "If we want peace, we must support beleaguered allies who share our Canadian values." would pour gasoline on Lebanon's embers, commanding;

"Today, we are calling on the Prime Minister to take strong action against Hezbollah and Palestinian terrorists within Lebanon as well as their sponsors in Syria and Iran. We must defeat those who use violence and murder, especially against the Christian minority, with the goal of making Lebanon yet another stage for global Islamist terror that threatens all nations including Canada."

Speaking for Canada, Foreign minister, Peter MacKay didn't go so far as naming names, but matched the CCD's hysteria, saying;

"The perpetrators of this cowardly act must be brought to justice;" adding "Canada condemns in the strongest terms this attack on Lebanon’s independence, stability and democracy. I urge the people of Lebanon to stand united against those who seek to destabilize their country."

These last years have witnessed the "reflowering" of unabashed fascism in Italy, Britain, America, Australia, and now Canada. This has largely come about due to the pernicious influence of "think tanks", democracy pimps like the National Endowment for Democracy in the U.S., and their complicit friends in the corporate media. Now, thanks to propagandists like the self-anointed Canadian Coalition for Democracies, and their fellow-travellers in Canada, Canadians too are being made ready, as were their southern cousins before them, to accept the foreign influenza and "support our troops," even as they defy the nation's traditions, and soil the flag.


Chris Cook is a contributing editor to PEJ News and the Atlantic Free Press. He also hosts Gorilla Radio, a weekly public affairs program, broad/webcast from the University of Victoria, Canada. You can check out the GR Blog here.


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