Let's March in January! An Impeachment Call to Action

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by Dave Lindorff


I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that, barring some incredible act of criminal cynicism such as the bombardment of Iran by the president, the Democrats are going to take over the House of Representatives.

That being the case, I propose that it's time all those patriots and lovers of liberty, all those who oppose the administration's mad imperial military policies, all those who recognize the so-called War on Terror for what it is--a War on America, all those whose stomachs turned at the sight of the fatal drowning of New Orleans, all those who are outraged at a president who claims the right to violate laws at will, to ignore acts of Congress and to snub rulings of the Supreme Court, all those who are sick of seeing their government function like a whorehouse for corporate Johns, all those who are angry at having a government that tortures and kidnaps people, including children, in our name, all those who know that there are dark secrets about 9-11 being buried by traitors in the White House, all those who despair at seeing the Bill of Rights ripped out of the Constitution article by article, begin a mass campaign to make impeachment of President Bush item one on the agenda of the next Congress.

I propose that the anti-war and impeachment movements combine forces and organize a massive petition campaign to obtain five million signatures calling on the Congress to initiate impeachment hearings on President Bush’s Constitutional high crimes, misdemeanors, treason and bribery, and that this petition be delivered to the future Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the future chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI). Delivery of this document could be made on January 20, 2007, on the sixth anniversary of Bush’s benighted first inauguration. If the grassroots campaign organizations that have mobilized for the election turn to gathering signatures off their same voter lists right after Election Day, it shouldn’t be hard to get at least that many signatures. (There are already a number of groups, like Veterans for Peace, collecting signatures. These efforts can all be coordinated.)

I propose that this petition then be carried by demonstrators in a reverse "Un-Inauguration Impeachment March" that could assemble at the White House and proceed down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol steps (retracing the impeachment march Bush tried to make before his entourage started to face heckling and eggs). There, a set of proposed articles of impeachment could be formally read out, perhaps by members of Congress who would later be submitting them as formal impeachment bills to the House Judiciary Committee.

We are going to need something like this because the Democratic leadership--most notably Pelosi, but including the likes of Democratic House Campaign Committee Chair Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) and many of those in the Democratic Leadership Council--are publicly stating that they will try to block any impeachment bills.

Although it is clear from many national polls that more Americans today want this criminal president and usurper impeached than ever wanted either Clinton or Nixon impeached, these craven and cowardly “leaders” seem to think they will be punished by the Republicans if they attempt it. This is nonsense. It is the Republicans who have been dismantling Congress as a functioning branch of government, who are out of touch and who are now being rejected by the public. The public is not turning to the Democrats because it wants them to be pleasant and collegial in Washington. People are turning to the Democrats because they are sick and tired of the crooks, the charlatans, the megalomaniacs and the crackpots who have been running the country and the Constitution into the ground and sending our kids into pointless, endless wars. People want resolute action from the Democrats, not pussyfooting.

Pelosi is so out of it when it comes to her constituency, that she seems not to realize that the very ballot that has her listed as a candidate this November in her San Francisco congressional district includes a referendum on impeachment, which is likely to pass.

Instead of goading Pelosi into making pledges not to impeach, as mainstream reporters have been doing, someone should ask her and other Democrats who are ducking the issue whether or not they believe the president has been violating the Constitution and undermining freedoms and the separation of powers. If they answer yes, then they should be asked why they don’t feel obligated to take action in defense of liberty and the Constitution.

These weak-kneed sissies are worse than simply political cowards--they are violators of their own oaths of office, which commit them to upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States--a document which even they have to admit is under grave attack by this president and his co-conspirators. If Pelosi&Co. will not stand up and defend that document and the institution of Congress that Bush has so defiled with his signing statements, We the People must make them do it.

The first step, of course, is to throw out the Republican majority in Congress.

Then we have to turn our political sights and our righteous rage on the Democrats who, through their decade of habitual cowering, have enabled and are now protecting this criminal regime from the aggressive investigation that it so richly deserves.

Impeachment in 2007!

Let’s march!  

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