Barking Mad

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There’s nothing more disturbing than knowing that an alcohol-addled megalomaniac has his sweaty fingers on the Big Red Switch and that with one little tug he could ignite the world like a Roman candle.

It’s not a comforting thought, but it’s the truth.

As the situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate and the feckless congress concedes more power to the president; Bush’s grasp of reality seems to grow increasing threadbare. How much more pressure his fragile psyche can take?

Regrettably, there are signs that Bush is losing ground to an invasive form of delirium praecox; the steady erosion of his already circumscribed mental faculties.

This can’t be good for the country...or the planet.


Presently, the world is crashing in on our Crawford Regent. Truckloads of bodies keep pouring into the Baghdad Morgue and Afghanistan has exploded like a roadside bomb drowning Bush’s “budding democracy” in blood and dust. The prognosis on both campaigns is doubtful at best.

On the homefront, scandals keep cropping up with greater regularity diverting attention from the war-effort. The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) exposed Bush’s blinkered war on terror as an utter fraud and the Washington Post’s heavy-hitting scribe, Bob Woodward, has just released a new book “State of Denial” which excoriates everyone even remotely related to the floundering Iraqi occupation.

The administration is putting out one public relations brushfire after the next with no end in sight. All this has taken its toll on our weary president, pushing him to the very brink. Who knows when Bush will finally snap? Who can guess when he’ll strip naked on the White House lawn and go scuttling down Pennsylvania Ave shrieking at the passers-by?

It’s only a matter of time.

Yesterday, Bush delivered a feverish response to the mounting criticism of his administration’s incompetence. He called for a new crusade to “fight America’s enemies across the world”; a strident plea to spread the war across the globe.

Great; just what we needed, another war.

Once again, it reveals how disconnected Bush is from the mood of the country. A recent CNN poll showed that 61% of Americans now believe the war is either going “very badly” or “moderately badly”. A similar poll taken by FOX News was even more damning; it showed that only 19% of Americans “support the war and the current strategy”.

19%! There’s probably more support for restarting the Vietnam War than continuing in Mess-in-potania.

Bush brushed aside these demoralizing facts in his radio address saying that those who believed the findings of the NIE were “buying into the enemy’s propaganda.”

So, now the 16 preeminent American intelligence agencies are “the enemy”?!?

Bush’s increasingly bizarre assertions are another indication that he has slipped his mental-moorings and is drifting in a sea of make-believe.

“The only way to protect our citizens at home is to go on the offense against the enemy across the world,” Bush boomed.

The man is barking mad. It’s time to find Bush a nice, comfy rocking chair on the front porch of a community Nut-house and let him chase the neighborhood kids off the lawn. He has no place in the White House.

He has finally lost it.


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