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The Long Reintroduction of Wolves to Yellowstone

Wolf Country
by William T. Hathaway
This year marks the 20th anniversary of wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone National Park. From 66 released originally they've increased to over 300 and are no longer endangered. That they thrive here is not surprising, for they are creatures of this raw land in a way that we aren't. Wolves are fitted to this environment, and so to understand them, we have to know the country that nurtures them.
The area from Yellowstone to central Idaho has one of the lowest densities of human population in the United States. Those who do live here are held in thrall by land and weather, too harsh for most of our species. The elements keep us ever on the defensive without even noticing us.
People claim to own this country, but she owns us. Daily she teaches us how small our power is: we are like children clinging to a shaggy bison, helpless riders on a massive beast. We had enough power to exile the wolves, but then the wilderness was no longer whole, the grazing herds became unhealthy, and we had to bring back these culling predators. The banishment was short from their time frame.

Tilikum's Disappearing Act: The End of the Marina Mammal Exhibitionism

The Tilikum Effect and the Downfall of SeaWorld
by Jason Hribal - CounterPunch

October 9, 2015

It has been five years since Tilikum attacked and killed his Sea World trainer, and the repercussions are still ongoing. Bad press continues. Profits and stock value drop even further. The park’s image may never fully recover. Yet Tilikum has seemingly disappeared from view.

I am not talking about Sea World literally stashing him away. I mean that Tilikum is no longer spoke of in discussions. Pick up any news article or commentary on Sea World written in the past year or two and chances are you’ll find absolutely no mention of him, even though it was his actions that started all of this to begin with. It is as if his history has been slowly erased.

Challenging At Last the New Government of Canada Fraud

The Memory Hole of Continuous Proven Fraud over Nine Years 
by John McMurtry - Global Research
Canadians are within a few days of stopping or allowing the Harper regime to continue to destroy the democracy and life fabric of Canada. But the dots are taboo to connect. The PR-led opposition has joined the corporate media in a public stage ritual of forgetting. The endless lies, election cheats, and bullying abuses through nine years of PMO civil destruction go Scot free.
The Harper regime has cheated or stole every election. Yet not even the Conservative robo-call fraud to deprive up to 500,000 citizens of their votes in the 2011 election has been raised in the official campaign. No-one on stage remembers any of it back to the first Harper theft of power in 2006, featuring the Harper-RCMP deal to falsely accuse the Liberal Finance Minister Ralph Goodale in criminal investigation just prior to the election.
Nor is Harper’s violation of his own Election Act in calling the 2008 election and its massive illegal spending on attacks ads filling the airwaves with public hate just before the vote. All has been proven off the campaign stage, but all has been silenced on it. The regime’s near-daily record of lies, scandals and violations has gone the memory hole of the electoral campaign, with $54 million on hand for attack ads.

Come the Bernie Bots: And the Drones Fly On

Bernie Drones and Bernie Volunteers
by David Swanson - War Is a Crime

11 October 2015

The "senior digital organizer" of Bernie Sanders for President volunteers Aidan King, has this to say:
"I was so excited about Obama. And I still think he's done amazing things. But I wanted more follow-through," says King, listing "drone strikes, kill lists, NSA spying on Americans, the expansion of Bush-administration policies, a failed drug war, failed foreign policy," and the increasing influence of money in politics as his main concerns. "I put a lot of stake in authenticity," he says. "And I've been exposed to Bernie's politics and his honesty since I was in diapers."

Was this last week? Was Senator Vitter there?
Because here's Senator Sanders announcing yet again this week, as he's done before, that as president he would murder people with drones. (Yes, he only favors the good drone murders, not the bad ones, exactly what Obama says too.)

Goodbye Columbus: Turning the Page on Settler Celebration

Politicizing Columbus Day
by Robert Jensen - TeleSur

Although the movement to stop honoring Christopher Columbus with a holiday is gaining support, most of white America would prefer to avoid the subject. “Why does everything always have to be political with you?” a colleague asked, as I was railing against the U.S. federal holiday honoring Christopher Columbus.
The subject came up after the news that my modest hometown of Fargo, North Dakota, is considering a proposal to declare the second Monday of October “Indigenous People’s Day” instead of the traditional Columbus Day.

Last year, Seattle and Minneapolis became the first major American cities to endorse the shift, and a movement is slowly building across the country, with the hope of one day having the federal holiday renamed.

Quarter Million Marchers in Germany: Opposition Unites Under Anti-TTIP Banner in Berlin

Organizers promote economic nationalism at Berlin demonstration against transatlantic trade agreement
by WSWS reporters

12 October 2015
On Saturday, about 250,000 people marched through Berlin to demonstrate against the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) trade agreement. While many of the 250,000 demonstrators wanted to express their dissatisfaction with deteriorating social conditions and the threat of war, the organizers advanced a right-wing agenda of economic nationalism, reformism, and anti-Americanism.
The trade agreement, under the pretext of dismantling “trade barriers,” attacks social and democratic rights, environmental standards, and social services, while strengthening the power of corporations and financial institutions. (See: The struggle against the TTIP is a class question.) The trade agreement has met with widespread opposition in the population.
A coalition of over 30 environmental and consumer organizations, trade unions and church organizations had called for the Berlin demonstration. The demonstrations were also supported by the Greens and the Left Party.

Niqab Attacks Symbolize a Desperate Political Xenophobia

The Niqab – A Symbol For The Fear Gripping Canada
by Ray Grigg - Shades of Green

Canada is in a political fuss about a little piece of cloth draped across the face of a Muslim woman who insists on wearing a niqab during her swearing of allegiance ceremony to become a citizen of this country. The Harper government has tried to deny her citizenship by launching successive court challenges — it keeps losing, most recently at the Federal Court of Appeal.

The courts have invariably ruled that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives a woman the option to wear a niqab even during such a solemn occasion — she reveals her face privately before the ceremony so she is properly identified.

The specific “she” is Zunera Ishaq, 29, the mother of four boys and a 2008 immigrant from Pakistan to Ontario who is working her way toward teacher certification. She made the decision to wear the niqab when she was 15 years old, against the advice of her siblings, mother and father — in an interview on CBC's The Current (Oct. 11/15), she describes her father as a liberal Muslim science professor. Even her husband, she says, has tried to dissuade her from wearing a niqab.
It is, for her, entirely a personal choice.

IDF Targets Jerusalem Hospitals, Ambulances, and Medical Staff

Jerusalem Hospitals Frequently Targeted By Israeli Soldiers
by IMEMC and Agencies 
Sunday October 11, 2015
Several Palestinian hospitals in occupied Jerusalem have been the frequent target by the Israeli soldiers, who do not only attack ambulances and medics, but are also invading the medical centers, including their Urgent Care units, in Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank.

On Saturday, the soldiers assaulted many Palestinian medics in Bab al-'Amoud in occupied Jerusalem, after the army killed one Palestinian and wounded dozens with rubber-coated steel bullets.

After attacking medics and ambulances, the army invaded the al-Makassed and Augusta Victoria Hospitals in occupied Jerusalem, and searched them for wounded Palestinians. Similar attacks took place in September and the beginning of this month.

Shooting Down Democracy, or The Military Industrial Media Complex Moves North

Canadian Sniper: Shooting Down Democracy, or The Military Industrial Media Complex Moves North
by C. L. Cook - Pacific Free Press

I attended a screening of 'Election Day Canada: The Rise of Voter Suppression' the other night, one of only three national screenings held before the October 19th federal election. The film promises to be an excellent documentary, if it can raise enough cash to get finished.
Producer, director, writer, editor, money-raiser, and presumably chief bottlewasher, Peter Smoczynski, who's spent more than four years traveling the country and doing interviews to put Election Day Canada together, did something unprecedented in releasing an unfinished film whose subject matter is too important to wait until October 20th.

Naturally, the couple dozen people attending the screening were outraged by the contemptible Mr. Harper's neo-Republican dirty tricksters and their anti-democratic doings, culminating with the enactment of Bill C-23, the lamentable and ironically titled, 'Fair Elections Act.'
After the screening there was a discussion on voter suppression, and the general state of Canada's democracy.

Who Will Talk to Canadians About the TPP (Before the Election)?

TPP Deal Sparks Election Campaign Discussion: Will we get straight answers about the TPP before the October 19 election?
by Peter Ewart  - News 250
It was a moment of high political theatre. Todd Doherty, Conservative candidate in Cariboo-Prince George, was extolling the virtues of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal at the all-candidates meeting at UNBC in Prince George. The trade deal, according to Doherty, was going to be a virtual bonanza for northern British Columbia in terms of more jobs, forestry exports, and overall prosperity.
NDP candidate Trent Derrick burst the bubble by asking a simple question. Had Mr. Doherty actually read the TPP?
Oh yes, cover to cover, Doherty replied.
In detail? The actual text? Derrick asked.
Yes, Doherty repeated.

At that point, rumblings emerged from the audience and other candidates. How could Doherty have read the text of the deal, which runs 1,500 pages, when it had been drafted in deep secrecy and a high profile figure like U.S. presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton had not even been able to get her hands on it yet?

Five Facing Empire

Five Leaders Challenging Western Imperialism: Pope Francis, Vladimir Putin, Xi, Jinping, Hassan Rouhani, and Jeremy Corbyn
by James Petras - ICH 
 October 09, 2015
Western imperialism, in all of its manifestation, is being challenged by five political leaders, through diplomacy, moral persuasion and public pressure.

In recent time, Pope Francis, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn have raised fundamental questions concerning (1) war and peace in the Middle East and the Caucuses; (2) climate change and the destruction of the environment; (3) economic sanctions, military threats and confrontation; and (4) growing inequalities of class, gender and race.

The New Global Agenda 

These five protagonists of a new global agenda differ from past critics from the left both in the style and substance of their politics.
The politics of change, reform and peace in the near immediate period has a particular complex, heterodox complexion, which contains traditional conservative and popular components. 

These leaders have a global audience and major impact on world public opinion – and indirectly and directly on Western politics. 

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